Colleagues International is proud of the learning opportunities it offers international professionals as  well as local students.Students may choose to receive internship credit or simply volunteer for a unique international and business experience, knowledge that will undoubtedly make them stand out above the crowd. Interns are an important part of the CI staff, carrying out duties most essential to the success of the organization. This internship allows students to receive administrative experience, practice communication with local businesses and national agencies, and learn from observing local and international business practices. Intern positions available are listed below (although internships can be designed to fit each student’s needs and objectives).

International Studies Internship

  • Assist with international professional development programs and participants.

Marketing/Public Relations Internship

  • Increase community awareness, work with media, organize special events, and improve the organization’s communication practices with supporters, alumni, and local businesses.


Internship Job Descriptions
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Organization Description:

Colleagues International is a Kalamazoo non-profit organization that facilitates professional development programs for international participants. Founded in 1971, Colleagues has hosted more than 2000 international visitors from some 100 countries. In 2016 alone, Colleagues hosted more than 150 people from some 50 nations. We are a volunteer-based citizen diplomacy organization and part of a network of volunteers that was nominated for the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. Since 1971, Colleagues has been fostering and promoting citizen diplomacy, enriching local community with global diversity “one relationship at a time.” Each program is designed to address a specific issue in fields including nonprofit, media, business, healthcare, law enforcement, government and education. International participants establish mutually beneficial relationships with their Kalamazoo colleagues and return to their countries with new ideas and a new understanding of the United States. Local professionals and community volunteers welcome our international visitors and the mutual exchange of ideas.

Internship Objective:

An internship at Colleagues International can lead to a career in international relations, business or public administration with a unique international edge. Interns will assist in developing well-rounded programs with local organizations, businesses and institutions that meet the learning objectives of the international participants. Interns will assist in planning, promoting and executing programs and events. Interns can expect to enhance their cross-cultural perspective and awareness; develop international relationships and contacts; learn about drafting competitive bids; interact with local leaders; and contribute to international diplomacy “one relationship at a time”.

Desired Skills:

Excellent organizational skills; the ability to prioritize and perform under tight deadlines; a professional and outgoing personality (crucial when meeting local community and international leaders); the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; and ability to work in a diverse office space are required. Previous international/cross-cultural experience is preferred but not required.

Sample Intern Responsibilities:

  • Assist in Program Recruitment: Search databases for potential programs; review with staff and volunteers; prepare program proposal drafts to successfully secure programs; follow-up with program agency representatives to assure a successful bid and a successful program.
  • Programming: Organize and coordinate events and meetings for program participants; prepare materials, schedules, etc. for upcoming programs; confirm appointments.
  • Program Hosting: Escort program participants to local appointments and events.
  • Database Maintenance: Maintain and upload program information into international program database and spreadsheets.
  • Social Media: Maintain a supportive and active social networking community;
  • Event Planning: Assist in coordinating/publicizing special events
  • Perform other duties as appropriate.

Hours per Week: 10-20 –  Minimum: one term
Contact: 269-341-9494
Facebook: CIKalamazoo
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In addition to contributing to the organization, students receive a great deal of knowledge and skills from their work at Colleagues International.

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